What You Need To Know About EOSL Support

Fact Sheet

study by Geneca showed that 75% of IT departments believe their projects are ‘doomed right from the start.’ 80% of respondents said that they spend half of their time on rework, and only 23% said that they are in agreement with upper management on when a project is truly complete.

In your IT Infrastructure, it is inevitable that at some point an OEM will declare a hardware device “End of Service Life” (EOSL). EOSL refers to the date after which technical support either in the form of telephone or on-site labor, or spare parts, or both is no longer available to the product owner.

But what happens after EOSL? Download our "What to know about EOSL Support" fact sheet and learn:

  • Why you should consider using EOSL products in your IT Infrastructure 
  • Why you may not have a choice on an EOSL decision
  • The challenges to consider by implementing new technology 
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What You Need To Know About EOSL Support

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