Evaluating IT Service Suppliers for Global Banking & Financial Services Companies

Does Your IT Services Supplier Mitigate Risk and Maximize Value? 

Enterprise financial services and banking companies need to minimize risk exposure while focusing on value-driven work. These five critical points can help IT leaders: 

  • Address risk management. Ensure your IT Service supplier is focused on IT Infrastructure Services as “Job #1”.
  • Ensure business continuity. Verify that your IT Services Supplier has the credentials and references to operate in your critical environment.
  • Properly maintain access control. Certify that your IT Services Supplier has a track record of meeting SLAs domestically and globally.
  • Manage and control data center costs. Prioritize service cost incentives, service-for-service, especially in a high-pressure economic environment.
  • Avoid a revolving door of contractors. Require your IT Services Supplier to employ a majority “W-2” type workforce to control the quality and consistency of service.

Download our guide to learn how IT service suppliers can help you mitigate risk and maximize value.

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